Face-to-Face Meeting

During our initial conversations with you, we ask several questions to find out what your concerns are and to get to the heart of the issues your organization is experiencing.  Many clients are experiencing a drop in sales, revenue, or productivity that points to internal causes.  

We determine whether you have a team development issue or a leadership issue (or both), and consider what it’s costing you in time and revenue.  Oftentimes, there are multiple issues, and accountability is frequently the culprit.  In most cases, individuals are not doing their job, communicating or moving to the next level.


The face-to-face meeting is the first step in the overall assessment process that is the first phase of our engagements with clients.  From there, we work with clients to survey individual employees, teams or managers to find the root causes of their issues. 

We examine problems occurring with leadership, such as delegating, communicating assignments, managing a diverse workforce and dealing with performance matters.  We also ascertain the cause of employee performance failures.  We assist companies with developing an objective performance appraisal process that ensures supervisors conduct accurate reviews.  We also conduct 360 degree surveys, in which employees evaluate supervisors and supervisors evaluate subordinates, other team members and customers.  The results of the assessment are instrumental in developing programs that have proven to be effective in improving performance.


At the conclusion of the assessment process, we provide clients with a report of the results and our recommendations for the organization going forward, such as leadership training, management training or team building. 

The program duration varies based on the client’s needs and may require an investment of time.  However, that time investment can reap a high return as the results realized at the end of the program can benefit the organization in numerous ways, such as increasing productivity that impacts sales and revenue.