Launched in 1999, T.A. Wilson & Associates is a management consulting and organizational development firm with extensive experience in building businesses.  We provide solutions to business issues such as optimizing employee productivity, managing a diverse workforce, and training individuals, teams and entire organizations in communications, managing people, organizational culture and sales skills.

  T.A. Wilson & Associates primarily serves small to medium-sized companies experiencing rapid or diminished growth, decreased profitability or change.  Working with clients across numerous and varied industries, we provide a comprehensive line of services that are focused on optimal development of the organization and achieving bottom-line results:

  • Interactive executive briefings
  • Organization-wide assessment and surveys
  • Team-building exercises  
  • Management training in:
    • Employee communications
    • Delegating
    • Encouraging performance
    • Maintaining customer satisfaction

 T.A. Wilson & Associates offers a comprehensive line of services for organizational development and performance improvement.  Services are created and implemented based on the individual client’s specific needs and commonly include one or more of the following: 

  • Evaluating existing organizational programs and processes for potential areas of improvement
  • Designing specific programs that aid in recruiting and retaining candidates who will immediately contribute to company profitability
  • Educating and training employees on effective interaction
  • Developing team-building, management and leadership programs for employees at all levels of the organization
  • Creating solutions for leveraging a diverse workforce or consumer base

Assessments are the most frequently requested of our services and our first step when engaging with a new client.  Using what we learn in the assessment process, we develop and provide customized programs that may include one or more of our training and intervention services. Our core services, described in further detail below, are as follows:


 The first step – performing a thorough assessment of your company.  Using team assessment tools and conducting surveys, interviews and focus groups with management, employees and customers, we determine the issues you’re trying resolve and the root of the problems causing pain.  Based on the results and problem areas identified, we make recommendations and develop a training and intervention program that quickly resolves the apparent issues.

The following are the specific assessment services T. A. Wilson & Associates provides:

Employee Satisfaction Surveys – to determine morale and attitude

 Customer Satisfaction Surveys – to gauge level of satisfaction with company’s product, services and support

 Team Assessments – to establish what’s functioning well and what isn’t, looking at communications, processes, and delegation of assignments


We provide the necessary tools for effective teamwork, helping to locate hidden resources, empower and motivate employees, and leverage diverse perspectives.  We educate and train personnel on effective communications techniques and customer service skills, and provide strategies on how to proactively handle employee issues, resolve conflict before it becomes costly, and identify processes that impact management and employee productivity.

 Leadership Training

We train your company and team leaders in the essentials of leadership, using curriculum and course materials provided by Vital Learning, an award-winning company at the forefront of leader and manager training for over 20 years.  The Vital Learning Leadership Series offers the most comprehensive and practical curriculum for building the management skill set required by 21st leaders, enabling the changes in management behavior that drive improved business results.

Managers and team leaders learn the three essential skills of leadership, which include interacting with team members in a way that maintains and enhances their self-esteem, focusing on a team member’s behavior rather than their personality or attitude, and involving team members in decision-making, goal-setting and problem solving as a motivational tool.

Another major component of leadership training is the essential skills of communication, which include creating a climate of open communication, designing clear messages, managing non-verbal behaviors effectively, and listening to communicate.  Leadership training also includes workshop modules in coaching job skills, resolving conflicts, supporting change, delegating, managing complaints, developing performance goals and standards, providing performance feedback, and leading successful projects.