My Reason Not Posting For the Past Four Months

Many of you will noticed this post as relatively new since I’ve haven’t written since March of this year almost 6 months. I must admit for me personally it’s disappointing as my goal to post monthly regardless if my posts are read on not. Writing about subjects which interest me is what this blog is all about. But, when certain events take place one often let’s certain things lapse as I have my blog posting. Allow me to explain.

Toward the middle of April my wife and I received a phone call telling us our granddaughter was in a car accident. We didn’t know the seriousness until we were able to contact members of her mother’s family, to find out she was in critical condition. My wife and I took the next thing we could find that flew to Wichita – were she was airlifted to – where we and other members of the family stood vigil. We were told by the Neural Surgeon she was in critical condition and the next 72 hours would determine if she would make it or not. My wife and daughter were beside ourselves because he father our son died in an auto crash.

For the next two weeks we spent in the Children’s ICU at the Wichita hospital. The nurses and doctors were outstanding. They were kind and understanding and took their time in explaining everything. Let me say this my granddaughter received a lot of love not only from her family which is extensive, but from a number of friends and acquaintances my wife and daughter have made over the years. Everyone sent their prayers and we’re beyond grateful for everyone’s kind thoughts.

The day we departed she was air-lifted to an outstanding facility The Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln Nebraska. There she received fantastic care and support that allowed for a speedy recovery. My wife was able to spend a week with her this past June and couldn’t stop raving about the care of granddaughter was receiving from a group of people who were focused on helping our granddaughter recover from her injuries. The picture is reflective of the results of the work they’ve done and the progress she’s making. 

Our granddaughter is back home in Dodge City, and will be starting school later this month, she’s in the second grade. She will have a personal assistant to help her with her walking and to keep her focused in class as she is still recovering from her brain injury which was the most traumatic of her injuries. Neurosurgeons removed part of her scalp on the right side to allow her brain to expand during recovery. Because of that she must wear protective headgear and have to undergo surgery to have a protective plate installed.

For the last four months I’ve been a bit distracted and not wanting to write about issues on management, leadership development, change management and a host of other organizational issues. But as my granddaughter improves and the fact she is in Dodge City Kansas and I’m here in Northborough Massachusetts, I need to get back to what I do.

The family is disappointed that she isn’t here for her normal three week visit, where we all indulge her to no end and send he back to her mom completely spoiled. But, if she keeps making the kind of progress she’s is making it won’t be long before my wife can fly out and bring her here for her annual summer visit.

So in the meantime I’ll be getting back to writing and hopefully sharing some insights with all of you.

So stay tune.

© Timothy A. Wilson All Rights Reserved

Happy Labor Day

This is the Labor Day weekend. For many it means family barbecues, outings, parades and the symbolic end of summer.

As people sit around the picnic table enjoying their barbeque children are already bemoaning the thought of having to return to school while parents are imitating the Staples commercial of the parent joyfully going through the aisles loading the shopping cart with schools supplies as his two kids mournfully trudge behind him.

Labor Day is the recognition of the contributions of the working man. It’s a time for the working man to have a day off to enjoy and relax with their families. All of us know people and have friends that work tirelessly in support of their families. Working, long and demanding hours to support their families, and dealing with:


  • Automation of jobs that once were only done by humans
  • Outsourcing of work to other countries
  • Continuous pressure to do more with fewer resources
  • Constant layoff every time the stock share is down
  • Stagnant wages while costs continue to rise
  • Bosses who are bullies
  • Performing pointless tasks
  • Working projects that will never be green lit

Considering everything they have and have to go through, perhaps more than a single day is in order.

Enjoy you Labor Day.

© Timothy A. Wilson 2013. All Rights Reserved

Newtown Connecticut – December 14, 2012

I had an entirely different message planned for this particular post. Every year at this time, I try offer some words of good cheer as it’s supposed to be that time of year. But with what happened Friday, in Newtown Connecticut requires me to change my message.

My heart goes out to all the parents who lost their most precious gift their child, who was taken from them for no reason. For those who may say, one can’t know what they’re going through I am in that minority who knows what it is to lose a child. I know first hand what it’s going to be like for those mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and brother and sisters who won’t have their precious loved one with them this time of year.

Five years ago, we lost our son in a horrible car accident. We lost our son our daughter lost her little brother. Our beautiful granddaughter lost her daddy before her first birthday.

You are left with a hole that will never be filled, but, you do the best you can to move forward. However, you don’t do this alone there are people who appear on the scene to help in ways you can’t image. They offer assistance and comfort when you need it the most and when you don’t think you do.

The people in Newtown have come together to help the grieving families in their time of need and they will be there long after the rest of the world moves on to the next tragedy. They will find some way to move forward but as we know, life will never be the same for them. This time of year will especially be the most difficult for them to get through, but, they will find a way with the help of family and friends.

As a nation, we can help. It starts with recognizing that as a country we have a problem with guns and mental health and having the courage to address them both in a sane and sensible manner. Easier said than done, as soon as, any discussion around guns is engaged, we get the “you can have my gun after you pry from my cold dead hand” crowd. But, numerous studies have shown that a large portion of gun owners say there should be reasonable regulations around assault weapons and large capacity magazines. The corollary to the gun people are those who go crazy about privacy issues when the discussion turns to individuals with mental health issues.

Unfortunately both sides standing their ground refusing to budge, but, there is one common denominator in this equation. Twenty children ages 6 to 7 are no longer with us because of person with a mental health problem with access to guns.

We’re supposed to be wishing one another peace on earth and a happy new year during this time. Instead, two parents are burying their children, with eighteen more to follow.

It’s been said that a time heals all wounds, I disagree. When a parent looses a child time becomes the catalyst for remembering and wondering what might have been, but, in those memories, you will smile and you will cry, but you will never be the same you never truly heal.  But what you will do is cherish what you have and you will find a way to enjoy the holidays as best you can, and there is no shame in that.

May peace be in your heart and you still find a way to wish goodwill to all men and please never forget the children and adults who won’t be with their loved ones in Newtown Connecticut.

© Timothy A. Wilson 2012. All Rights Reserved

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