Wanting to wish everyone a Happy and Prospers New Year. I hope as you enter into this New Year you will achieve all that you put your mind to and you see the fulfillment of your dreams for you, your family and friends.

It’s Christmas Be Happy

Once again, we are approaching a time that is happy and sad for many. For children, it is when they are eagerly awaiting Santa. Who will bring those items they desire. For some, they get to go home and spend time with family as part of their family tradition. Others, a level of sadness will surround them as once again; they will spend a holiday without a beloved family member. Christmas, like all holidays, is a double edge, the joy on one side, sadness on the other leaving us to determine how to balance the two.

As I have often written, the strangeness of human behavior around this particular time of year is head scratching. The display of willingness to become forgiving because it’s Christmas still remains a mystery to me. Just as the frenetic pace many take on to find that perfect gift, causes me to laugh hysterically. It just seems that Peace on Ea
rth and Goodwill to Men is something that is relevant all year long, not just on December 25th.

Less you think I’m a Scrooge during this time allow me to direct your attention to this part of the holiday that I believe is important. There are many who cannot be with loved ones because they are away serving in foreign countries as members of the military. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this time. Remember that their families would love nothing more than to have them home for the holidays.

I invite you to watch the following, lzCaA6IazFA word of caution; you will need a box to tissues. Happy Holidays.


© Timothy A. Wilson 2015

Veteran’s Day

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the First World War, then known as “the Great War.” Commemorated as Armistice Day beginning the following year, November 11th became a legal federal holiday in the United States in 1938. In the aftermath of World War II and the Korean War, Armistice Day became Veterans Day, a holiday dedicated to American veterans of all wars.”

What formerly called Armistice Day now Veterans Day is more than another day off from work. As intended it is representative of our paying homage to those who make the sacrifice where the uniform of country’s military, be it Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force or Cost Guard. These individuals respond to the request to serve and keep us safe so we can practice our way of life. We remember them both in passing and living.

As a manner of remembering, consider reviewing the history of the U.S. World War 1 veteran Frank Buckles passed away in 2011 at the age of 110. His interesting story can be found at this website: although brief, it will pique’s your interest. Check it out.

Also, if you happen to be out, and you see a Vet, and you are in a position to do so not only thank them for their service but tell them we still need them buying them a cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt either.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR – Goals not Resolutions

I remember when I was younger time seem to pass ever so slowly. Always wanting and waiting to be older than I was. Now that I am in my sixties time flies by ever so quickly and I just want things to slow down.

We are about to close out another year and start a new one, tomorrow it will be 2015 and hopefully it will be a year of good fortune for you and your family. It is my sincerest hope that the New Year will bring you joy and happiness in all your endeavors and that you accomplish the goals – not resolutions – you set for the year.

Starting the New Year out with a set of resolutions you know that you are not going to keep is just going along with a meaningless tradition. Why not change it and set one or two goals that will stretch you but are not impossible to reach. Considered a couple of factoids; 80% of U.S. families have not bought a book this year, if they have 57% of those purchased books are not completed.

Now, if you set a goal to read and complete at least one new book every month. You remove yourself from two statistics, not buying a book, and not completing it. But, here is the real stretch, writing a short book report for your own use on what you learned from the book, and how you might apply your newly gained knowledge. Think about that for just a minute. You acquire some new information and knowledge, that you can share at the office, at networking events, or when you are with friends and family. You become a more interesting person. You might even give the Dos Equios Most Interesting Man, some competition.

Resolutions, are for those who want an excuse and an easy way out for not wanting to commit to real improvement. Alan Weiss talks about improving 1% a day and in 70 days you will be twice as good. He calls it, “The 1 percent solution ™.” The basic idea behind his solution is working on improving yourself through enhancing your knowledge and skills by doing and participating in activities that increase your knowledge and establish you as an expert. Resolutions will not do that, clear goals with measurable outcomes will. In our example of reading a book a month and documenting what you learned from it, and then, implementing what you learned, is what will aid in you becoming twice as good.

One final point. As with resolutions we have the tendency to make a lot of them which is another reason why we never complete them. Setting too many goals can lead to similar outcomes. Best to limit the number to what you know you can realistically accomplish. Having a bunch of things written on a piece of paper may look good, but looking good on paper is not the objective. What you want is realistic completion. You know that level of satisfaction that comes when you have completed a difficult task. It is a feeling of accomplishment. You set out to do something and you did, it feels good. It provides the motivation to take on something even more challenging. So it is best to set a measured amount of goals for the year. Each one a bit more challenging than the last.

Ok, my annual rant about New Year’s resolutions. The most important thing about moving forward in a New Year is this, Stay safe and Happy New Year!

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Is This The Start Or End Of Your Christmas Spirit?

Well, it is that time of year again. People are rushing about to find the perfect present for family, friends and someone they do not know. Why, because of some sense of obligation that they have to give gifts this time of year. Before you call me Scrooge, allow me to present my case.

This particular time of year is where people feel the need to buy and spend money on family, friends, and strangers in their attempt to spread good will and cheer. It is easy to ask why this time, but it is obvious the answer is because it is Christmas. Yet, when Jesus walked the earth it did not seem he required a special day to do his form of spreading “glad tidings and good cheer.” According to all the written accounts of his time on earth, he used every day to demonstrate, his love for mankind. So, why do we need a special day at the end of the year to do what he did on a regular basis?

How is it that during World War 1 on Christmas Eve, the Germans and British could stop on their own, lay down their arms and sing Christmas Carols and exchange gifts then a day later proceed with untold carnage toward each other? Why do we wait until the month of December to think about “peace on earth and good will toward all men,” and not before that?

Look, I know the history of Christmas. I understand this holiday is an amalgamation of various holidays, festivals, celebrations, traditions borrowed from the Romans, Germans, and Scandinavian cultures. I also understand the Grant recognized the 25th of December as a national holiday. Do we require a special day to give gifts and be kind to our fellow humans? Or is should we do this on a regular basis without a special day?

For those who are thinking, ‘you are writing this’ because you do not celebrate Christmas. You would be wrong. Acts of kindness, showing concern for others and giving someone a gift are actions we can (and should) do at any time. I recognize many could ask, ‘well Tim, do you practice what you preach?’ My response, I try but I am not always successful. Not celebrating Christmas does not mean I do not have an obligation to my fellow human being. However, being kind also does not require any special day, and as I stated, I certainly can do a lot better. So that leaves the giving of gifts. I suppose this part depends on one’s definition of a gift. Does it require a physical article, like a toy, appliance, or article of clothing? Or is possible it could consist of advice, a listening ear, or a shoulder for someone to lean on in a time of need? I would like to believe so.

Is it at all conceivable if we were to do these things as often as possible it feel like Christmas every day?Just wondering.

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Happy New Year – Make the Commitment

2013 has ended, and ushered in 2014. The question that faces us all is regardless of what did or didn’t happen in 2013 what do you plan to do with the New Year you now have?

Common practice is to make those mindless resolutions that seem to get broken as soon as we state them. Others will sit down and participate in some thoughtful deliberation and set some specific goals they wish to achieve. They even go through the process of making them specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

Heck, there are worksheets that you can downloaded and document your goals. On the surface it seems like a good idea. In the spirit of full disclosure every year I would write an article on doing SMART goals instead of resolutions. However, I’ve come to realize that without commitment it doesn’t matter if you have SMART goals or resolutions. If you’re not committed to making things happen, then a resolution is just as good as a having hundred SMART goals neither will be done.

Commitment means doing what is necessary on a regular and consistent basis to achieve your objective. We could have a goal to lose twenty pounds in three months. This is certainly specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. But, what about the work that we need to put in to make this happen. The exercise necessary, the change in one’s diet, the willingness to weigh in regularly? The commitment to changing one’s lifestyle to achieve the weight loss goal? Is the exercise on your schedule and you keep that appointment and not let anything interfere with it?

Let me share an example. I have a friend who is a fellow consultant. We meet twice a month ostensibly to discuss our business and share ideas and strategies. However, we talk about a number of different things, it’s a nice break in the routine. I’ve spoken to him about writing a book on numerous occasions. He’s written two to my zero. I set my SMART goals around writing, but, failed to make the commitment necessary to make it happen. My friend made a commitment to spend two hours a day writing. He did this by scheduling an appointment with himself on his calendar and kept it, as if he was meeting with a client. He made the commitment of scheduling the time and not letting anything get in the way of his doing his writing. He had the discipline to stick with his commitment that I didn’t. That’s why he has two publish books and I have a well-documented set of SMART goals that resemble many New Year’s resolutions.

So, as you start the New Year, make your resolutions or develop your SMART goals, but remember, commitment is essential if you truly desire to make them happen. Auguste Rodin said; “nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” Personally I may have wasted time in developing my SMART goals, but, this time I intend to “use the experience wisely.” Will you? Hopefully you will and by the way, Happy New Year.

© Timothy A. Wilson All Rights Reserved

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays It Really Doesn’t Matter

Christmas will be on us in two days, and soon, New Years. You have to wonder how the year has pass so quickly. I hope that 2013 has been kind to you and that you have great 2014.

Despite all the hyperactivity by some whether we should wish someone Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays seems to contradict the meaning of this holiday. I don’t think Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John worried about how people we would say to each other during this timeframe.

But, at some point this has become overshadowed about who has the correct greeting or gives the biggest present. Maybe that’s why the Puritans banned the celebration of Christmas from 1620 – 1850 because they found no scriptural justification for its celebration. I really don’t care if they did or didn’t, what fascinates me is, why during this time of year people seem more generous both in spirit and compassion?

Why does the spirit of Christmas only manifest itself during the last week of December? Surely, the compassion that Jesus demonstrated while on earth was year round and not set to a specific time set to recognize his birth. It seems to me the only people who are adamant about a specific manner of greeting during this time of year are extremely narrow minded and see the world in a single dimension.

Allow me to suggest the following; forget about all the fake controversy over greetings during this time of year. Greet people the way you want to be greeted, and if they don’t respond in kind, move on it doesn’t matter, it’s just a greeting not a declaration of loyalty.

© Timothy A. Wilson All Rights Reserved


Happy Thanksgiving

This is a great holiday when family and friends get together to partake in great food and watch a lot of football. I love kidding my daughter about the Detroit Lions who started the Thanksgiving game and have yet to win one. They always loose. Last year they gave her a smidgen of hope that they might win and all I said is, “just wait.” Sure enough they lost. But, we had a good laugh and went back to enjoying her Aunt’s Mac & Cheese.

Happy Thanksgiving. Also, Hanukah is early this year so to all my friends who are Jewish, Happy Hanukah.

© Timothy A. Wilson All Rights Reserved

Happy New Year. Resolutions vs. Goals For 2013

Can you believe it it’s 2013 and my guess is that thousands of New Year’s resolutions have already be forgotten or given up.

For many of you the making of resolutions is just part of the tradition and you’re going along with the idea of starting the New Year off with the desire to make a change.

For some, the making of New Year’s resolutions is about making a concerted effort to break old habits and formulate new ones. Which ever your choice, it may seem that the outcome is the same, good intentions, but minimal or no results in your desired direction.

Its right about now that I give my spiel on the benefits of SMART goals. You know Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound. A simple enough concept, construct a goal or set of goals that can be measured, achieved, are realistic, and completed within a reasonable time frame. On the surface a process that yields clear results. But yet people still cling to resolutions that are neither, specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic or time bound. Why? I think it’s because of five reasons.

Reason 1, Tradition:

Setting New Year’s Resolutions is a tradition that isn’t meant to be believed or kept. It’s the intent of saying you want to do something different or make a change, but there is no actual effort behind the resolution. Another way of looking at it is the person doesn’t trust themselves to keep the resolution. It’s easy to just go along with the tradition, but, setting an actual goal, requires some thought and planning.

Reason 2, Relevance:

Setting a goal versus a resolution requires one to consider the consequences of not achieving it. A resolution is at best a hoped for desired outcome with no discernable consequences attached if not achieved.

Setting a goal requires you to think about how you will achieve it, how you make it happen, what steps you need to take to fulfill it, and – or it should – cause you to think about what happens if you don’t achieve it, remember those discernable consequences. So there is some thought and planning that goes into setting a goal or goals, it’s not just a simple statement made in the spirit of tradition.

Reason 3, Understanding:

You can take a longer term view with the understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

The most common New Year’s resolution is one about losing weight. It is also the resolution that is dropped as quickly as it’s made. There are those who do stick with it, but they struggle more than necessary for a simple reason, they don’t understand what is really required to lose weight.

True weight loss requires a plan of action a strategy that includes a set of objectives and metrics that hold you accountable. It requires a level of understanding that losing weight means making changes to your life that will have long term benefits to you and your family.

This is true for any goal you set for yourself. It requires you understand what is involved and what it will take to achieve the goal, along with understanding the obstacles you will have to overcome in order to achieve your goal.

Reason 4, Support:

Support is perhaps one of the main reason’s resolutions fail. An integral part of SMART goals is seeking out support for the achievement of one’s goals with a resolution it’s just an empty statement there is no accountability associated with a resolution. Part of the SMART goal process is the measurable part. Implied in having a set of metrics is a level accountability, and with accountability one needs support.

If you want to achieve your goal then you need to ask for support and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask. There is no rule that says you have to do it all on your own. In fact asking someone for their support in achieving your goal(s) is a critical part of your goal attainment. These individuals will hold you accountable by asking you how you’re doing, what assistance you need from them and just reminding you of why you started down this path in the first place.

Reason 5, Time:

Interesting things about resolutions, most of them have no time associated with them as to when they will be achieved. One of the key elements with SMART goals is there is a time component with them in that they are time bound. However, what we are referring to here centers on setting a realistic time frame you will need to achieve the goals you establish for yourself.

My suggestion is be realistic about how much time it will take to achieve your goal. It’s great to say you will lose 25 pounds by the end of the month, but that means you have to lose a pound a day. Is that realistic? I suppose it could be, but at what cost? That’s why you should consider what you want to do and how much time you realistically will need to accomplished your goal. It also means you will need to know what additional tasks may be required for success.

As you move forward I want to wish you success in what ever you do and keep in mind that while its fun to make those New Year’s Resolutions it much more satisfying to look at your goal sheet and realize that you indeed completed what you set out to do. Forget the resolutions and do a little planning and set some goals that you will feel good about upon completion.

Happy New Year!!

© Timothy A. Wilson 2013. All Rights Reserved

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