My last entry to this blog was back in January of this year. Since then I’ve been wondering what I wanted to write about. Started a post regarding appraisals the second part of a series, but got sidetrack. I will finish it and post in the next few weeks.

But since this is my blog, and I can write about what I want I will share some of my feelings around the recent passing of two of my aunts that were both laid to rest this week.

I am home in Syracuse New York birthplace of my mother and her sisters and brothers. According to my recently deceased Aunt June, they were a family of thirteen. Conversation with several cousins we can only come up with ten. As much as I would like to ask my mother because she also says they were a family of thirteen, but, she now has dementia and I’m not sure she would remember, but when I visit her later I will attempt to get the names of the missing brothers or sisters.

It suddenly sinks in that my mother was the last child born, and now is the last one alive. She is the last of the clan known as Rohadfox. Yes, there are the kids and grandkids, not to mention great grandkids the progeny of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. So the name will live on for quite some time. But, having my mother the last surviving member of the “originals” is a bit scary.

When my aunt passed, my dad didn’t let my mom know right away, he wasn’t sure how she would handle it. It took her some time to process what he was saying to her, and she briefly broke down. So when he got the news that her sister June also passed, he opted not to tell her. So right up to the services for my Aunt Mildred, my mother had no idea she had lost two sisters. But, fate has a way of letting us know the lifespans of our loved ones have ended, and it was the innocent slip of the tongue by someone extending condolences she learned of the loss of her oldest sister, June.

So now she has to process the knowledge she is the only one left. As of now she doesn’t seem to be demonstrating any emotion around recent events. Perhaps her having dementia is a small blessing as she forgets things, but, there are those moments she’s very lucid and that is what concerns me. Will it be one of those lucid moments the events of yesterday come flooding back, and she breaks down? Or will the gods be kind to her and just let her hang on to the fond youthful memories of all her siblings?

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