I started this blog some time back. My original concept was to write about what I learned in the areas of management and leadership development. In addition I wanted a place to express my thoughts about diversity in the workplace, as well as, organizational development and change. Simply put, I just wanted to write about stuff I enjoy.

So those who read this blog will find a host of information, some you can use, some you can’t and some you will just wonder about. Here’s the thing, this is my blog so I can write about whatever I want.  As I do that I would appreicate constructive feedback as I’m looking to broaden my knowledge base. But there are some rules and if you don’t follow them then you will be removed from the blog;

Rule 1: No flaming anyone. You can disagree, but don’t be disagreeable.

Rule 2: No foul language, that will get you booted right away.

Rule 3: Leave your politics and religion at home. This is not a political blog.

Rule 4: Be thought provoking not argumentative.

Rule 5: No whining, I don’t have time to listen and I won’t.

Rule 6: This is the most important of all, respect yourself and respect others on this blog.

Six simple rules, follow them and you just might learn something, chose not to, well then, it’s your loss.


Timothy A. Wilson