The second question under consideration from our discussion on exit interviews is; Are we helping you build a successful career? The idea behind this question is to solicit how management can help you be a success during your tenure with them. Keep in mind, if you’re successful so is your manager and the company. Not to mention happy customers which lead to strong sales and great profits.

Take a moment and ask yourself this; why do you think your manager would ask you this question? Could it be, they see you as someone with high potential and want to know how they can help you succeed in the company? If that is the case, then don’t you think you owe it them and yourself to have the essence of a clear plan with goals, outcomes, and metrics? Don’t be caught flat-footed. Allow me to make a simple but effect suggestion.

Many have the belief that a successful career plan requires spending hours upon hours of planning every possible step. It is true planning is required. But not on the level, some believe. Let me suggest that you think and plan in ninety-day increments. Doing it in this manner allows you provide specific areas where you manager can assist you in your career development. It allows for measurable results along with the opportunity to make adjustments.

Good and talent people are hard to find and keeping them is important to the organization. So when you’re asked the question Are we helping you build a successful career, be ready with a response along with examples of where you could use their help. By having your ninety-day plan developed, you can provide specific areas where you can use their help. Not to mention, it opens the line of communication between you and your manager. To where she is really looking to help you, and not just asking a perfunctory question.

© Timothy A. Wilson 2016