Once again, we are approaching a time that is happy and sad for many. For children, it is when they are eagerly awaiting Santa. Who will bring those items they desire. For some, they get to go home and spend time with family as part of their family tradition. Others, a level of sadness will surround them as once again; they will spend a holiday without a beloved family member. Christmas, like all holidays, is a double edge, the joy on one side, sadness on the other leaving us to determine how to balance the two.

As I have often written, the strangeness of human behavior around this particular time of year is head scratching. The display of willingness to become forgiving because it’s Christmas still remains a mystery to me. Just as the frenetic pace many take on to find that perfect gift, causes me to laugh hysterically. It just seems that Peace on Ea
rth and Goodwill to Men is something that is relevant all year long, not just on December 25th.

Less you think I’m a Scrooge during this time allow me to direct your attention to this part of the holiday that I believe is important. There are many who cannot be with loved ones because they are away serving in foreign countries as members of the military. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this time. Remember that their families would love nothing more than to have them home for the holidays.

I invite you to watch the following, lzCaA6IazFA word of caution; you will need a box to tissues. Happy Holidays.


© Timothy A. Wilson 2015