Well, the elephants are dancing once again this time it is at EMC and Dell. The most recent announcement is that Dell will by EMC. So for the folks at both companies the days of fretful anticipation will start as to when the inevitable layoffs will start arriving.

In the meantime those in power will be working out their packages that will make them millionaires and leave them in good standing as potential venture capitalists for those looking for startup money or starting their own venture. But for the majority (my guess mostly EMC people) what this latest corporate demolition means is many people will be wondering and worrying what their future will become. For some, retirement might be their best option. For others it will be a series of job searches. Hoping they can land a job before their expiration date of nine months of unemployment renders them to the untouchable pile. It seems that if someone regardless of their skills not hired in that period, now deemed undesirable by HR.

So that flurry of activity happening in both companies is not employees paying attention to the work at hand, it is those who know they have skills desired elsewhere, are feverishly sprucing up the resume and making the network calls they know will be helpful in their new employment search. What is funny, this is exactly what some of the elephants want to happen. It lessens the blow of selecting people to fire, I mean downsize.

As I’ve often written when the Elephants in the corporate office start dancing things break. It’s just too bad it’s the good hard working individuals. Who labored under the legend that companies really care about their most valuable asset, their employees. When in reality it is how golden is their parachute.