I’m still in morning over the fact that my boys from Syracuse lost to Dayton. But, all you die hard UNC fans no doubt are looking for new timing rules considering how that game ended. My friend out in San Francisco who grew up in Kansas and went to Kansas University and is a lifelong Jayhawk fan is still screaming at his TV. The redeeming feature for both of us is neither one of us has to have our picture taken in the winner’s jersey as proof whose team is better, both of our teams lost and won’t be in the sweet sixteen where we thought they face each other.

This event known as March Madness is indeed a period of madness. Sixty-four college basketball teams come together to determine which college get bragging rights to claim they’re the best of the best in college basketball. It’s indeed a spectacle to watch. There is lot of talent flying up and down a basketball court. The wizardry and athleticism of these young men is something to behold. Their ability to handle a basketball and leap hang in the air and make a 30 foot jump shot seem so natural is magical. When you watch a team of well-honed athletes operate in unison you realize they aren’t playing as talented individuals but as a talented team. As one commentator said, “it’s not the talent of the individual, but the ability to work together to bring out the talent of the team.” The success of a team is the combined efforts of everyone working as a unit.

What makes March Madness so much fun to watch is you get to see real team work in action. Only if managers and leaders would learn from this things might go better in the workplace.

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